1/72 scale Mizuno Jinryu - Anti-tank suicide glider

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#AA-2108   1/72 scale  Mizuno Jinryu  Anti-tank suicide glider


Model Kit Contents (click the image for larger photo)

Model Features

8 resin parts


Clear-cast canopy & decal


Span 97 mm


Length 114 mm


Unit price: US$38

Shipping charge: US$3.50

Each model kit contents 1 sheet of decal. Extra  decals can also be ordered.

Extra decal



Aircraft History and Specification

In early 1945, Japan's geography were able to predict the Allied invasion plans accurately and thus planned an all-out defensive plan of home islands accordingly. The Imperial Japanese Navy issued requirement for a rocket-powered anti-tank suicide glider to Naval Air Arsenal. The glider was designed to be launched from coastal air bases and caves, and fly towards the Allies LCA or M4 Sherman tank that it intended to destroy. Mizuno was selected for the glider design and development. The first prototype, Jinryu (Lord Dragon) completed in May 1945. It was constructed almost entirely of wood, powered by three rocket motors. 100kg-explosive was filled inside the front portion of fuselage. The first flight was made in July. Although the prototype was found to be unstable, it was accepted for starting production. The fifth prototype was under construction when the war ended in August 1945. All the documents of the Jinryu were lost after the war. Some declaration of the glider were revealed dubiously. It became one of the most mysterious aircrafts until a few photographs of the prototype were displayed for the first time by a survived pilot trainee in 2000.










Attack glider

To destroy Allies tank during home islands invasion.




3x Kokukyoku rocket engine



100kg bomb-load


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