1/144 scale EMW A-9/A-10/A-11 - Luftwaffe ballistic missile to target U.S.

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#AA-4034   1/144 scale  EMW A-9/A-10/A-11  Luftwaffe ballistic missile to target U.S.


Model Kit Contents (click the image for larger photo)

Model Features

68 resin parts +

Clear-resin canopies, decal


Span: 114 mm


Height 303 mm


Unit price: US$88

Shipping charge: US$14

Each model kit contents 1 set of decal. Extra  decals can also be ordered.

Extra decal



Aircraft History and Specification

In 1939, following successes with the A-4 rocket, the von Braun team began thinking of a much more advanced aggregate series as the range of the A-4 was rather limited. One of the projects was the A-9/A-10 which was designed to carry a one-metric-ton payload from bases in France to New York City. The A-9/A-10 was composed of two stages: the winged/manned A-9 upper stage, and the A-10 boost rocket. The A-9 was partially recessed into the nose of the A-10.  The thrust motor would burn for 50 seconds, taking the A-9 to 1200 m/s. Then the A-9 would separate and burn its engine, reaching an apogee of 55 km, followed by a long hypersonic glide in the atmosphere. The pilot was to be guided by radio beacons laid by U-boats in the Atlantic Ocean. After reaching the East-coast of America the pilot would lock in the target in an optical sight, then eject for rescue. In late 1944, work on the A-9/A-10 resumed under the code name "Projekt Amerika". Designs beyond the A-9/A-10 were sketched out as well, adding an A-11 stage would have resulted in a true ICBM launcher. However, only a little data is available on the A-11 after the war.









Piloted intercontinental ballistic missile

To design as a long-range Amerika Bomber



6x A-4 rocket engines

11,000 km/h


1000kgs payload


Model References

The EMW A-9/A-10/A-11 package contents secret kits of four 1/144 german rocket-powered aircrafts as bonus:

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