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#AA-4089   1/144 scale  Short Shetland  British largest aircraft in WWII


Model Kit Contents (click the image for larger photo)

Model Features


66 resin parts +

Clear resin canopies, decals


Span: 318 mm


Length: 232 mm


Unit price: US$98

Shipping charge: US$16

Each model kit contents 1 set of decal. Extra  decals can also be ordered.

Extra decal



Aircraft History and Specification

In 1941, the Bristish Air Ministry issued an requirement for a heavy defensive armament, long range flying boat that intended to replace the Short Sunderland. Saunders-Roe propsed S.41 to the Air Ministry, and was asked to combine the project with Short°¶s proposal. The detailed design was performed by Saro, their experience with the "Shrimp" contributing to the hull shape, as well as building the wing. Shorts built the hull and tail and did the final assembly. The first prototype and what was to be the only Shetland first flew in December 1944. Flight testing indicated satisfactory water handling but revealed problems with the harmonization of controls and marginal longitudinal stability. With the end of the war, the second prototype was completed as a civil transport and designated Shetland II. the Shetland Mk. II's first flight took place in September 1947. After trials, it was delivered to Short's factory at Belfast, but no orders were forthcoming and it performed only limited flight trials before being scrapped in 1951.










Long-range reconnaissance flying boat prototype

Intended to replace the Sunderland




4 °— Bristol Centaurus VII radial engines

263 mph


Planned 8x 12.7mm machine gun


Model References

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