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#AA-2045   1/72 scale  Antonov A-40 KT  Russian flying tank experiment in World War II


Model Kit Contents (click the image for larger photo)

Model Features

69 resin parts


Spare track links & Decal


Span 250 mm


Length 166 mm


Unit price: US$48

Shipping charge: US$6.00

Each model kit contents 1 sheet of decal. Extra decals can also be ordered.

Extra decal


Extra canopy




Aircraft History and Specification

In 1932, the Soviet high command requested many new concepts of the airborne warfare for aerial close-support to the army. That was included dropping an armored vehicle from the sky to support the parachute troops. The original concept was converting the 32 tons tank, T-34 into a glider and towed by a pair of Ant-20bis as tugs. In 1939, Soviet airborne force considered to try the light-weighted tank, T-60 for the experiment, and selected Antonov OKB for the glider design. The prototype was started in 1941, and was given designation A-40, KT which meant "Kryl'ya Tanka" (winged tank). The tank was lightened for flight test by removing the armament, the signal light and the tracks fenders. The first and only flight was made by tow from TB-3 in 1942. The test was judged successful with smooth landing, but the test pilot (who also performed as the tank driver) doubted that it would be lack of control if fly by the full loaded tank. As the real need was to fly in the heavier T-34, and also due to the shortage of the tow aircraft, the KT project was cancelled.










Experimental flying tank glider

To explore to fly the loaded tank and down at battlefield





75 mph (towing speed)

1 (Test pilot)

1x 20mm TNSH cannon / 1x 7.62mm TD machine-gun


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