1/72 scale Martin Titan II ICBM / SM-68B / LGM-25C -U.S. Largest ICBM

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#AA-2078   1/72 scale  Martin Titan II / SM-68B / LGM-25C  Giant of nuclear in the cold-war


Model Kit Contents (click the image for larger photo)

Model Features

29 resin parts




Dia 41 mm


Height 436 mm


Unit price: US$68

Shipping charge: US$10

Each model kit contents 1 sheet of decal. Extra decals can also be ordered.

Extra decal



Aircraft History and Specification

In 1955, while the first U.S. ICBM Atlas was developed, the U.S.A.F. served a backup in case the Atlas ran fail. It was decided to develop a complete second ICBM system. Martin was awarded a contract for this backup ICBM, designated XB-68/XSM-68 Titan I. Even as the first Titan I were rolling off the assembly line, the Air Force was searching for a way to improve the Titan I after the Soviet Sputnik launch. In 1960, Martin recognized an improved version which would carry a larger warhead over a greater range and could be fired in a single minute. The Air Force awarded Martin the contract for new missile, designated Titan II. Captive flight tests began in 1961, and in February 1963 a Titan II fired from the Air Force Missile Test Center logged a successful 6,500-mile flight. The following October the Air Force Missile Division turned over the first Titan II strategic missile wing to the Strategic Air Command (SAC). By December 1963 all six Titan II squadrons were on operational alert until retired in 1986.





Core dia.:






Operational intercontinental ballistic missile

To build as contingency planning in case the Altas ran into development problems




1x Aerojet LR87-AJ-5 two chamber liquid propellant rocket engine (First stage)

1x Aerojet-General LR91-AJ-5 rocket engine (Second stage)

15000 mph


1x General Electric Mk.6 Nuclear warhead


Model References

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