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#AA-4054   1/144 scale  Boeing B-54A Ultrafortress  Final variation of B-29 Superfortress


Model Kit Contents (click the image for larger photo)

Model Features


153 resin parts


Clear resin canopies, decal


Span 341 mm


Length 234 mm


Unit price: US$88

Shipping charge: US$14

Each model kit contents 1 sheet of decal. Extra  decals can also be ordered.

Extra decal



Aircraft History and Specification

In 1947, after the first production of B-50A made its first flight, many problems of the old B-29 configuration were identified. The USAF decided to reconfigure all the B-50Bs and further. An early B-50A was set aside to serve as a prototype for YB-50C. The standard Pratt & Whitney R-4360 radial engines were to be replaced by the improved R-4360 Variable Discharge Turbine (VDT) radial engines. The wing span was increased by about 20 feet, which required additional outrigger landing gear to stabilize the aircraft on the ground. The fuselage length was increased by more than 10 feet to provide the increased structural strength necessary to carry the loads imposed by the new wing. The lengthened fuselage also allowed for a larger bomb load. The B-50C mockup was completed in 1948. Because it was sufficiently different from the B-50A and B, the new bomber designation B-54A was assigned. Although the project would have maximized the performance of the basic B-50 design, newer jet powered bomber already being tested and built promised much better performance than the B-54A. This resulted in the cancellation of the entire B-54 program in 1949.










Long-range strategic heavy bomber

To maximize the performance of the basic B-50 design




4x Pratt & Whitney R-4360-51 Turbines engine

430 mph


36,000 lbs bomb load / 14x 50-cal. machine gun


Model References

The Boeing B-54A package contents secret kits of three 1/144 U.S. aircrafts as bonus:

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